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The Severely Abused Chihuahua-Pom Part XI

It is not uncommon for dogs with high grade medial patellar luxations (MPLs) to damage or completely tear out their cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) prior to having a MPL correction surgery. And this is exactly what Honey did with her left knee earlier this summer, so I was forced to change my plan and do her left MPL reconstruction surgery prior to doing her more deformed right leg.

I was hoping to wait three to four months after her left knee surgery before operating on her right knee; unfortunately due to a new pain that she started to have with her right knee, she forced my decision to operate on it after only eight weeks.

And now, after only 4 ½ weeks post right corrective MPL surgery,she was once again in pain.

I immediately gave her an extra dose of pain medication and took her to the office for IV sedation, x-rays and a thorough diagnostic manipulation of her legs to determine the cause of her sudden pain.

After suffering with the chronic pain of abuse over many months,including multiple untreated fractures and other horrific injuries, Honey not only was cautious with trusting people she didn’t know, she was hypersensitive to otherwise simple procedures such as injections or any kind of manipulation of her legs. As a result of this, I continued to carefully select medications tocontrol her pain.

Once my assessment of Honey was complete, I determined that her injury did not involve the MPL reconstruction surgery, but that she had injuredher ligament. She must have stressed the ligament at some point during the post-op recovery period. Luckily, it was only a partial tear. She would need to continue laser treatments for the next couple of months. During this time, I would continue monitoring her physical therapy sessions and activity level,making sure this didn’t interfere or complicate her healing. If her activity level increased too much I was prepared to place a restrictive cast or support bandage on her.

In the mean time, I would continue to wean her off the medications.My goal was to eventually discontinue all of her medications, except for herjoint support supplements and eventually have her be able to tolerate all of the normal procedures and treatments just as the average patient does.

Another month would pass without event, until one morning when we found her in her Pack and Play nearly unresponsive. Her gums were pale and she appeared to be having some form of gastro-intestinal distress. I administered a GI protectant and an antacid and we quickly dressed and rushed her back to the Kenosha Animal Hospital for tests. 

Part XII in two days…

William T. Carlisle, DVM

Honey today at the office with Dr C.  Honey just loves her new scarf from Mark Modory!Honey today at the office with Dr C. Honey just loves her new scarf from Mark Modory!