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The Severely Abused Chihuahua-Pom Part XIV

After being out of her cast for the majority of last summer and fall while her two knee reconstruction surgeries were healing, I was amazed at how fast Honey was able to readjust to the soft cast being put back on. I was hoping that it would only need to be on for a couple of months, restricting her enough to allow her bones to complete their healing and protect her through the worst part of the winter.

The transformation that we saw in her personality made us believe that she truly understood we were trying to help her. She continued to have her moments when she would get excited and run around the family room playing with Millie and Wrigley before we had a chance to pick her up. At those times, I was happy that she had some extra protection.

As soon as we returned from a vacation mid-February, we immediately headed to the office to pick up all three dogs. Honey was excited to see us, but she also had a calmness about her that seemed to tell us she knew we would be back to take her home.

The following week, I took Honey to the office to remove her cast and repeat her blood panel. While I had her sedated, I also cleaned and polished her teeth. I was hoping that I could train her to tolerate daily brushing. Wrigley and Millie were already comfortable with the use of a Spin-brush, but Honey still had fear with anything being placed into her mouth. I suspected this was due to her lingering fears of abuse.

The lab results came back – her liver and pancreatic tests were normal - she had completely recovered. I would continue with her supplements atlower maintenance doses for the next year and retest her labs then before stopping them entirely.

Now that Honey had her support cast off, we would need to be extremely cautious to prevent a re-injury.  

Even though Honey had quite an assortment of toys to play with,she would go to the toy basket and one by one pick out her favorites and carry them to her bed where she would lie on her back and toss one up with her front paws, catch it and then after playing with it for a while, start over with another. If Wrigley or Honey wanted one of the toys nearby, she would never object to sharing.

In the past year that we had her, the changes in her interactions with us, Wrigley and Millie were amazing, but it wasn’t until after we returnedfrom our trip that we realized that she knew she was a forever member of our family.

As the days were warming up and spring was approaching, I started to do some spring clean-up in the flower gardens around the yard with Honey following close behind. She enjoyed being outside as much as I did and I loved having her nearby. She is a special girl and we both know it.

To be continued soon…

William T. Carlisle, DVM