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The Severely Abused Chihuahua-Pom Part XV

All this time we believed that Honey was a Chihuahua – Pomeranian mix because that is what was stated on her purchase receipt and also that’s what she looks like. However, we recently ran a Wisdom genetic test on her and discovered that she is actually across between a Pomeranian and a Pomeranian – Jack Russell Terrier (50/50).That makes her 75% Pomeranian and 25% Jack Russell. Considering that Honey was originally from a puppy-mill, this doesn’t really surprise me as their record keeping leaves a lot to be desired.

Learning this about her explains why she is always so hyperactive and has difficulty staying calm or walking slowly.

Honey continues to do very well with her left hind leg, but after running around using all four legs, she seems to have some soreness with her right hind leg. She will often lift it when she is just walking which I’m okay with since we are still trying to restrict her to allow the bones to fully heal.Unfortunately, she inherited her thin walled, fragile bones from the Pomeranianbreed delaying bone build-up at the fracture sites. As a result, I have elected to keep the screw pin in her right femur until I am completely satisfied that she will not be at risk of a stress fracture once it is removed.

When she gets excited, you would never know that she has any issues with it. She is happy and seems to be pain free. She is on a low-dose of liver supplements, has a great appetite and actually needs to lose a few ounces.

What a difference from the skinny, frightened, crippled and traumatized little dog we rescued nearly fifteen months ago. She was afraid of everyone she didn’t know, did not understand our hugs or kisses and didn’t seem to know what to do with a treat or a toy. She now hoards her toys and “demands” treats, hugs and kisses.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to help a lot of pets with some very serious issues, but Honey may be my greatest accomplishment. I can’t remember any patient with more serious and complicated fractures - as well as literally having the worst knees that any dog could possibly have. I recently operated on a Pomeranian with a Grade 3/4 MPL and three days after surgery he was walking with no noticeable limp. Using that scale, with 4/4 being the worst,Honey would be a rated a hypothetical 8/4.

It has always been said that our pets live in the moment. I have found that to be absolutely true, but also that they never really forget. I think that is why the rescued pets always make such wonderful additions to a family; they are forever grateful.

As Honey’s story winds down, I want to take some time to introduce you to Millie and Wrigley, Honey’s sister and brother, who we rescued a few years ago, before Sandy Majest and I started the Kenosha Forgotten Friends organization. I am in the process of writing Millie’s story and updating the story that I wrote about Wrigley a few years ago. I will be sharing both of them with you.

Please remember – to save lives – rescue or adopt a pet; and if that isn’t possible, donate your time, talents and resources to a rescue organization. There are so many that need your help, but I hope that you will choose to help Sandy and I continue to help so many more pets (than what was possible in the past before KFF) by remembering our organization in your heart.

William T. Carlisle, DVM