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Sometimes There is a Happy Ending!



On a lighter note, this month we wanted to share some Happy Endings with all of you that we have experienced recently.  This is a reminder that there are good people and people can make a difference one animal at a time.


On April 27th we had a little 4 year old male Dachshund who we will call "Sammy" who was brought in because he had not been able to walk on his hind legs for 3 days.  We recommended diagnostics including radiographs and treatment at our office with possible referral to a specialty center for an MRI and potential surgery.  The owners declined and elected euthanasia.   They then decided to try oral pain medication but declined laser therapy and took Sammy home.  The owners returned the following day to euthanize Sammy.  Looking in his eyes, Dr. Carlisle could not bring himself to euthanize this little boy without giving him a fighting chance.  We talked to the owner and due to the serious nature and lack of certainty with the prognosis, they no longer wanted him as a pet and agreed to relinquish ownership of Sammy to Kenosha Animal Hospital.   Sammy stayed with us for a month while undergoing treatment including laser therapy and medication & his tail never stopped wagging and he never stopped giving everyone lots of kisses.  He made a remarkable recovery and after seeing his story on Facebook, Jesse Downing and his wife, Debby were smitten with little Sammy.  They made several visits to our clinic bringing their existing family members including the 4 legged ones in for one on one visits with Sammy to make sure everyone got along well.  Sammy got along well with everyone, especially the other elderly Dachshund in the home, 15 year old Copper.  Sammy was then able to make a home visit to the Downing's home and it was a success.  Sammy made himself right at home and fell in love with Jesse, never leaving his side.  Sammy has continued his laser treatments here with us on a less frequent basis and is smitten with his newly adopted family.  It puts a smile on our face and fills our hearts to see how happy he is and how happy he has made his new family. 


Then on May 30th one of our receptionists, Judy arrived at work to find a small tan dog wandering in the bushes outside.  He was very friendly and came right to her.  She brought him inside and scanned him for a microchip which he did not have.  He appeared to be about 6 months old and a Chihuahua/Terrier mix of some kind.   He proved to be a very sweet and friendly little boy whom we aptly named "Chili Willie" as he always wants to be held.   As we were trying to figure out how he ended up at our clinic, our kennel staff found a leash tied up outside to our fence that had apparently slipped off of little Chili  we don't know how long he was left outside and are just very thankful that he was not hit by a car while waiting to be rescued.  Needless to say, someone thought they would just drop him off at our clinic instead of being a responsible pet owner and surrendering the dog properly.


Little Chili was given a thorough examination and vaccinations by Dr. Carlisle.  He was found to be in great health and we were able to find him a home relatively quickly with a fellow doctor's family friend.  Chili's new owners report that he is doing wonderful in his new home and is very happy.  


Just wanted to share some good news with you for a change!



Shannon Adamczyk, Office Manager

Kenosha Animal Hospital