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Animal Welfare Forum Update


Published in December 2012 Action Magazine



     Well the turnout for the Animal Welfare Forum has been wonderful.  We've had some horrific animal cruelty cases in Wisconsin recently, including one in Kenosha where police found a thin and shivering dog standing in its own excrement in a kennel.  The dog had food but there were feces in the food dish also.   We know that the owner was ticketed for animal cruelty, animal feces, not having a dog license and not having the dog vaccinated against rabies.  What is not clear from the news article is whether the dog was taken from this owner - we certainly would hope this is the case. 


   We've had two meetings so far and our numbers are growing each time.  At our first meeting, we discussed the group's mission of being a grass-roots effort to change the animal welfare laws and we all agreed that starting on a local level in Kenosha was the best way to begin.  We knew right away that we needed to have a better understanding of how the animal welfare laws in Kenosha were implemented and the group requested that we get the Kenosha Police Department and their new Community Service Officers involved in our next meeting.  So we invited Sgt. Dave Molinaro and Community Service Officer Morgan Jankiewicz of the Kenosha Police Department to our next meeting to give an overview of how our current system works.  Sgt. Molinaro is in charge of the new Community Service Officer (CSO) program.  They were happy to attend and provided us with an overview of their job with regard to animal welfare, discussing how they handle complaints about animal cruelty and neglect, how they deal with calls on nuisance animals and trapping and where they think our system could be improved.  We appreciate everything that this team is doing to help improve animal welfare in Kenosha.   


Our group has already been busy writing letters to several local officials including Mayor Bosman, Alderman Steve Bostrom, Peter Barca, and others introducing our group and explaining our mission.  I've also been in contact with the Alliance for Animals in Wisconsin who is willing to assist us on a state level when we get to that point.  I'm looking forward to our next meeting - we've already had RSVP's from several new recruits!  We will be reviewing our local city ordinances that pertain to animal welfare and reviewing a draft of Shiloh's Law.  It's exciting to see our group grow and continue on our journey of making a difference and helping to end the suffering of defenseless animals who have no voice of their own.  


  Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.  - Margaret Mead


Shannon Adamczyk, Office Manager

Kenosha Animal Hospital