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Another Ray of Sunshine!



I'm going to continue with our Happy Endings this month as we've had some great things happening here at Kenosha Animal Hospital. 


Imagine our staffs' surprise on Monday morning, the 17th of June, coming to the clinic to find two taped-up boxes on our doorstep. Each box contained two beautiful and relatively young intact male cats. Their names and descriptions were printed on a sheet of paper taped to the top of the boxes.  We brought them inside the clinic and quickly examined them.   We found all four to be healthy and friendly and then went to work to prepared two large enclosures for them, pairing them up with the mate that they were boxed-up with. We kept a close eye on them, monitoring for infectious diseases and after their observation period, we tested them for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids and all four tested negative. They were neutered and are now up to date on vaccinations as well thanks to Dr. Carlisle and the staff.  Every day of their stay, their personalities became more apparent as they acclimated to their new temporary home at our office. All four were so very sweet and affectionate which made it very easy to find prospective new homes for them.   The best news is we now have homes for all of them - they went paired-up the same way that they arrived. Our follow-up phone reports with their new owners are very positive - they have indeed found their "forever homes".


These cases can tug on all of our heart-strings and when there is such a happy ending as with these four - all of the time and effort that goes into making sure these abandoned animals are checked out, treated and re-homed is so rewarding.


Kenosha Animal Hospital has and continues to give our support and care to help these abandoned and sometimes abused animals to have a second chance.  We could use your help to continue providing care and support to our furry friends.  If you would like to make a donation to Kenosha's Forgotten Friends, please contact us at 262-658-3533 or Sandy with KFF at 262-909-9764.


Stories like these remind us that there are good people in the world and people can make a difference one animal at a time.




William T. Carlisle, D.V.M.                                          Shannon Adamczyk, Office Manager

  Kenosha Animal Hospital