Kenosha Animal Hospital

6223 39th Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53142



On Thursday evening, November 6, 2008, the Kenosha Animal Hospital was honored with the 2008 Kenosha Business of the Year award at the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce and Kenosha Area Business Alliance?s 4th Annual Business Awards Banquet.

Drs. Pisarik, Reynolds and I are so very proud of this honor. Our success has not happened overnight. We will never forget the foundation that Drs. Figgy, Gurno and Watts established for us in the early years, and the efforts of our more recent former partners, Dr. Jim Nordstrom, who is now retired, and Dr. Bill Janecke, who is in Bolivia with his family, helping the poorest of the poor through the Veterinary Christian Mission, one of the charitable organizations of the AVMA. All of these individuals and their families have collectively helped shape our practice philosophy of providing exceptional care for our patients and protecting and celebrating the human ? animal bond. Even though we are not a family business by name, passed down through the generations, we are literally many lifetimes of dedicated veterinarians and staff members, who over the past seventy five years, have helped create and continue to impact our clinic family.

We are indeed a family, comprised of unique and talented individuals who on a daily basis strive to maintain this goal of excellence.

After many years of practice, I am still as excited and passionate, possibly more so, with learning new techniques and procedures as I was on the day that I graduated. Veterinary Medicine has become my identity and to some degree ? my life, and with the long days and sometimes long nights that I willingly put in to help a patient, I remain grateful to my family for their understanding and their support.

As I recently reviewed our past history, I found it interesting to note that all of the past and current owner doctors came from another city, usually from a different state, to Kenosha to begin a new career and a new beginning. Personally, I chose Kenosha after considering many other positions in the greater Chicago and Milwaukee area. After meeting Drs. Watts, Nordstrom, Pisarik and Reynolds and spending a day shadowing them at the office to get a feel for the practice and the clientele, I knew that I need not search any further. I found the same things that we were all looking for, a wonderful and caring community, supportive of our continued efforts to help our special family members live a healthier and longer life. And most importantly, we found a place that we proudly call home.

Thank you so very much for this award. It is truly an honor that we will forever cherish.